This should't happen - If you love animals, read this!   
Monday, February 6th~2006 2:43pm
mood: discontent
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"Rep. Wesselhoft said the proposed bill will also include provisions designed to bring about an eventual ban of pit bull dogs in the state.
The grandfather clause contained in the bill would allow for the continuing existence of pit bulls currently in Oklahoma. However, pit bull owners would have to have the dogs spayed or neutered, and the animals would need regular rabies shots.
In addition, a pit bull owner would have to be age 21 or older and would be required to have a $100,000 liability insurance policy on every pit bull.
Also, each pit bull would have to be tattooed or otherwise marked when it is registered with the state. Owners would not be able to sell or transfer the dogs to other individuals in Oklahoma, excluding family members. And a person living in Oklahoma will not be able to bring in a new pit bull from out of state.
After those pit bulls that are allowed to remain in Oklahoma under the grandfather clause of the proposed bill die of old age, Wesselhoft said there should be very few pit bulls remaining in the state, if any."

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This has to be stopped.

If you have any heart at all, fwd this. Right click the page, view source and copy the code for the pics and all. There has to be an end to this.
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crash and burn.   
Wednesday, June 8th~2005 2:54pm
mood: aggravated
computer got fried during the tornado/storm 2 days ago. hopefully i'll be back online soon but in the mean time, miss ya'll.

a few folk know how to reach me. if you're needing me, ask someone they're fully welcome to pass along the number. just have them read this message.

I'm -soooooo- bored.

hope ya'll are well, miss you loads.
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Friends Only   
Friday, April 1st~2005 10:18am
mood: pensive
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